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Communication Disorders
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I suffered from puberphonia for more than 10 years. I cant speak loud in a noisy area. I cant do any seminars or presentations confidently, as I used to speak in a high pitch tone. It was such bad times for me, I can say that way. But I found Dr.Sanjay through Just dial recently, I met him one day. He told its a very simple problem, and he can cure it. Infact in just 10 - 15 classes, i started speaking in a low pitch voice. It was amazing. He helped me to build my confidence to come out with my new voice. First it was coarser; but later once i start practicing daily in my home, it got fine tuned and i got good voice in 3-4 months after the theraphy. Thanks to Dr.Sanjay for everything :)
Thursday, February 03 2011 - 01:01 AM
vijay kumar (A PhD Student in speech Language pathology at Ohio university In US):2nd Sep, 2009
I know Sanjay professionally since last 8 years when he was a student at Aiims New Delhi and master student at Aiish Mysore .He is equipped with excellent clinical and professional skills. He has state of art interest and command on various voice and speech disorders such as female like voice of male, hoarse voice, soft voice, stuttering, mispronounciation .
Tuesday, January 11 2011 - 04:50 AM
Mr.Sanjay is a very kind person. He cured my puberphonia & taught me techniques to control my stammering. I shall forever be indebted to him for giving me confidence & strength. My life has changed for the better
Thursday, December 30 2010 - 03:17 AM
My voice had gone almost completely. I was whispering during conversation from last 10 month. My problem started after complete voice rest for one month when one ENT doctor advised me during the treatment of throat infection. For my voice problem I visited ,2 speech therapist,7 ENT doctor one Neurologist,2 Aurvedics Doctor,One Psychiatrist. No one able to bring my voice back. My problem was diagnosed as Spasmodic Dysphonia? by the neurologist. My professional and Social life was too much affected . One of my cousin consulted the Just Dial for a good doctor for treating my problem. Then I got a perfect doctor. Mr.Sanjay has brougt my voice back. Now I am completely alrigt. He took 8 days for the voice therapy. My life has changed. Now I can communicate easily to anyone .I am very grateful to Doctor Sanjay.
Saturday, October 09 2010 - 01:51 PM
10 years!It is not a short period but yes I lived with a voice disorder called Puberphonia for all these years. The pitch of my voice was very high. And thus My voice was like a female. It was really embarrassing.So many times people made fun of me that I actually went into a shell and stopped socializing , stopped taking phone calls and even talking in public.One day I went for a job interview for Tech support and was rejected by an HR stating that my voice is not good enough.Then I thought I have to do something about this.I came to know about Mr. Sanjay Kumar.He is a Voice Therapist and alumnus of AIIMS,Delhi.I took an appointment.Though not very sure that I will be cured completely yet went to meet him.But when I saw videos of people he had already treated I got a feeling that this disorder can be cured. On the first day itself he showed me some difference in my voice. I went ahead with the therapy and in 6days I got a Manly voice. He encouraged me to speak in this voice only and the very next day I went for admission process of a B-school and first time in life I actually dominated the Group Discussion.
The best part of going under his therapy is the way he treats his patients.Just like his family. Also he used to analyze each and every aspect of your voice through the best techniques available. Also I saw the patients coming to him from far distant places. And the best thing is. He can cure almost any kind of problem related to speech with so much patience he used to hear everyone`s problem. He gave me a second life where I am ready to take on this World with a newly found confidence.
Saturday, October 09 2010 - 12:47 PM


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