Communication Disorders
Delayed speech in children

Children's speech and language development follows a typical pattern. For example at first birth day the normal children speak at least one meaningful word, at the age of 2 years they should able to combined two words and at the age of 3years expected to speak in sentences .The deviation in such pattern is considered as delayed speech and language.

Mostly it is associated with Autism, hearing impairment, mental retardation, inadequate speech and language stimulation at home, cleft lip and palate, ADHD. Early professional help (Speech therapy) can be very much effective for developing the communication skills and achieving academic goal among such children.

How is delayed speech and language diagnosed?

Speech language pathologist administers some speech and language test on the child .Also take an interview of the parents related to speech language development and case history of the problem and speech mechanism examination of the child. Based on collected information, comparing with the normative for that age group, they will diagnose the problem.

What treatments are available for delayed speech and language?

Based on diagnostic report the speech language pathologist make a individual therapy plan .Therapy session can be about 45 minutes and 2-4 times in a week based on the severity of the problem. Usually Parents will be asked to observe the speech therapy session so that they can learn and continue the home training program.


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